About Crestview Radiology


Crestview Radiology Limited is a professionally run dedicated digital radiology and medical consultancy company focused on improving the conduct of medical investigation and management through the use of advanced digital equipment manned by highly trained experts that are poised to deliver satisfactory services to our patients and partners.

The company is founded on a principle and culture of innovation and excellence. Its founding fathers are professionals in various aspects of medicine and we are passionate about continuous improvement and innovation with a commitment to good service.

At Crestview, our vision, norms and value system drives the way we conduct our business as well as our people. This reflects in the way and manner we perceive our patients and partners. We are always interested in “best practices” in every aspect of our business conduct and service delivery even as we respond to competition with excellent service delivery, innovation, continuous improvement as well as quality assurance at all times.


Our Vision

Ours is ‚ÄúRevolutionizing Diagnostic Imaging‚ÄĚ.

It is our philosophy to be the leader and to continually set the standard in providing diagnostic imaging services. We want to provide an unequaled level of service through well trained, innovative, knowledgeable, and caring employees.

Our Mission

“To deliver the best medical and radiological services promptly using the best equipment and procedure without compromising ethical standards”